Wu Shafa’s lawyer declared that it was a rumor that Liu Xiang had something to do with me.-aspack

Wu Shafa lawyers denounced Liu Xiang: cheating rumors have rushed me Sina entertainment news on September 19th, "all star of" Wu Sha "in Liu Xiang Liu Xiang’s father suspected his girlfriend broke micro-blog do not agree with the two together out of the message, the content of Madden directed Wu Sha cheating" etc.. Wu Sha issued a lawyer’s statement through micro-blog to respond to the recent false news. The lawyer’s statement not only denied the false hearsay, but also ordered to delete all the false information to Wu Sha and apologized. Then, Liu Xiang forwarded and responded to his girlfriend "to come to me!" Liu Xiang Wu Sha Wu Shafa (12) Wu Shafa lawyers lawyers (22) the evening of September 19th, Wu Sha through micro-blog issued a lawyer’s letter, recently responded to the false rumors, said part of the network media fiction Wu Sha about the false negative news, its content is not real, pure fiction, fabricated out of thin air, resulting in extremely serious a knock on Wu Sha’s reputation. In this regard, the torts are warned to apologize to Wu immediately, and Wu Sha will also retain the right to pursue the legal liability of the infringer. And please immediately revoke and stop the reprint of false articles and information. Then, Liu Xiang also forwarded the statement in micro-blog, and responded with a strong and arrogant response. "There’s something to go to me!" Wrote: "dear friends, after rumors about me I usually laugh, but this is not real news has hurt my family, I could no longer ignore the harm. At present, the matter has been dealt with by the lawyer, and I believe that the rumor will be punished by the law, no matter how deep it is. (the micro-blog review has been opened and something is coming to me. " It is reported that a group of media conversations about Liu Xiang’s father and Liu Xiang have been reported recently. According to the chat records show that Liu Xiang’s father had pleaded with Liu Xiang and Wu’s break up, Wu Shayue look worse, and once accused Wu Sha of cheating suspected derailed. According to the message, it was the 2013 when Wu Sha and Liu Xiang were in love. According to the all star detective, Wu Sha’s former teammates once said: Liu Xiang’s parents did investigate Wu Sha. Wu Sha returned to Wuhu after retirement. Liu Xiang’s parents went to Wuhu to understand Wu’s family situation in the winter of 2013. The lover also said that Wu Sha former teammates also called her heart machine very heavy, and his teammates are not too close, basically not playing together, are themselves playing their own. (I’m John Stuart Mill)

吴莎发律师声明痛斥劈腿传闻 刘翔:有事冲我来   新浪娱乐讯 9月19日,“全明星探”在微博爆料刘翔女友吴莎“疑似刘翔父亲不同意两人在一起的短信流出,内容劲爆直指吴莎劈腿”等内容。吴莎通过微博发表律师声明, 对近日不实消息作出回应。律师声明中不仅否认不实传闻,更勒令删除对吴莎的一切不实信息,并道歉。随后,刘翔转发并霸气回应力挺女友“有事冲我来!” 刘翔 吴莎 吴莎发律师声明(1 2) 吴莎发律师声明(2 2)   9月19日晚,吴莎通过微博发表律师函,对近日不实传闻作出回应,称部分网络媒体凭空杜撰了吴莎有关的负面不实消息,其内容不实、纯属捏造虚构、无中生 有,对吴莎的名誉造成了极其严重的贬损。对此,警告侵权行为人立即向吴莎公开道歉,吴莎也将保留追究侵权行为人的法律责任权利。并请立即撤销和停止转载不 实的文章及信息。   随后,刘翔也在微博中转发该声明,力挺并霸气回应,“有事冲我来!”写道:“各位亲爱的网友,此前关于我的种种流言通常我都一笑而过,但这次的 不实新闻已经伤害到我的家人,我不可能再无视这种伤害。目前此事已经交由律师处理,我相信造谣者无论隐藏的多深都一定会受到法律的惩处。 (微博评论已打开,有事冲我来。)”   据报道,近日有媒体曝光一组疑似刘翔父亲与刘翔的短信对话。根据该聊天记录显示,刘翔父亲曾苦劝刘翔和吴莎分手,指吴莎越看越差,并疑似指责吴 莎曾经劈腿出轨。根据短信显示时间,正是吴莎和刘翔相恋的2013年。另据全明星探报道,吴莎的昔日队友曾称:刘翔父母确实调查过吴莎,吴莎当年退役后回 了芜湖,刘翔的父母在2013年冬季去过芜湖了解吴莎家情况。该知情人还称,吴莎昔日队友还称她心机很重,和队友走得也不太近,基本不在一起玩,都是自己 玩自己的。(我是弥尔)相关的主题文章: