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Wuhan gold control potential Dalian friendship backdoor attempt to split the reorganization? Hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the can make you Shouchun Beijing reported this reporter Rao my introduction due to affiliation with the Wuhan holding investment letter WU you, outside of the equity of the Dalian friendship a subsidiary of the transfer operation, but given another deep meaning: the original has terminated the Wuhan holdings plans through listed company, will restart? After nearly three months after the actual control of the change, the new major shareholder is the Dalian friendship (000679.SZ) assets, conducted a preliminary operation test. The evening of September 12th, Dalian friendship announced that will be the total price of 855 thousand and 100 yuan, equity transfer its three subsidiaries, the total of three subsidiaries of listed companies owed 366 million yuan of debt, will also be a one-time payment to the company through a certain way. This is since June this year, Wuhan kesum hailun Trade Development Limited (hereinafter referred to as "kesum trade") and other enterprises in Dalian Chen Zhixiang friendship, for the first time the company asset operation. Although the action is not big, but the looming behind Wuhan Financial Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan FHC) figure, still make the market more than a guess. In December 2015, Wuhan gold holdings intends to nearly 6 billion 300 million yuan price subsidiary company, to route through Dalian friendship landing A shares, but finally in May this year due to various reasons the end. Subsequently, it’s a sun company will join hands Chen Zhixiang became a major shareholder of Dalian friendship. Peel three "bad" asset based on the evening of September 12th, the Dalian friendship’s announcement, the company intends to transfer its assets to a total of three, and is the company located in Liaoning Province subsidiary company. Including Liaoning Friendship Shopping Mall Co. 100% stake in the company, Shenyang Friendship Shopping Mall limited 100% equity and free transfer of Dalian friendship for duty-free goods Co. 65% stake in the company, and the value of assets evaluation corresponding to these three assets was -3095.46 million yuan, 7 million 177 thousand and 300 yuan, 24 million 92 thousand and 300 yuan. The transfer of the assets of the disk side, are the former major shareholder of Dalian Friendship Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "friendship group"). At the same time, the three companies owe Dalian friendship totaling 366 million yuan of debt, will also be followed by the friendship group or three subsidiaries direct one-time payment to the listed company. For the reasons for the proposed transfer of subsidiaries, Dalian friendship, said the current retail market downturn, the company’s assets can not be spared. Peeling off bad assets so that ‘shell’ is more clean for the next major shareholder to follow the capital operation, this practice is the capital market restructuring step." A long-term tracking of Dalian friendship brokerage analyst to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter admitted. The operation of the assets of Dalian friendship is also the first major shareholder of the company and the actual control of the first action after taking office. This year on相关的主题文章: