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Wuhan has the fastest out of the city road Dongfeng Road Viaduct opened to traffic yesterday, Dongfeng Road Elevated two phase of the project was officially opened, which also means that the fastest out of Wuhan City Channel – Dongfeng Road Viaduct opened to traffic. The elevated total length of 13 km, the design speed of 80 kilometers, construction began in 2014, a period in the three ring Wang Jiazui overpass, stop in the vicinity of Wuhan private science and Technology Park City Road, opened in August last year; the two phase of the project in the city road, stop at the Beijing Zhuhai high-speed Wuhan West interchange, a total length of 7.1 km. Dongfeng Avenue is the Wuhan thirteen rings in the one shot, is an important traffic artery in the greater Hanyang area. After the opening of the two phase, will connect the Wuhan second ring, three ring, the fourth ring and outer ring, Beijing Zhuhai expressway. In the future, drive out concert from the bridge to the direction of Zhuankou, 20 minutes to the Beijing Zhuhai Expressway of Wuhan West interchange, the entire process for fast track, not a red light. 10:27 yesterday morning, reporters from the Wuhan West Changjiang Daily ride starting point on the elevated, traveling at about 80 kilometers per hour, arrived at 10:33 near the two end point City Road, 10:35 arrived in Wuhan sports center. More than 13 kilometers away, only for about 8 minutes. Dongfeng Road Elevated Wuhan is also the most wide elevated, 33 meters wide, two-way 8 lane, the widest point of more than 50 meters. Coupled with two-way 6 Lane Road, Dongfeng Road, the total amount of up to 14 lanes. After the opening of the viaduct, the city out of the vehicle and the separation of the city, can effectively improve traffic congestion, especially in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday." Tang Huijian, deputy general manager of Wuhan automobile construction investment company. Dongfeng Road Viaduct average height of 13 meters -14 meters, more than the general municipal elevated. Among them, the upper cross is being constructed in the city of Victoria, Wuhan, the highest bridge to reach 28 meters, equivalent to the 10 storey high, is the highest viaduct in Wuhan. Yesterday afternoon at 2, Dongfeng Road elevated the official release of the two social vehicles. Elevated at stage two Maple Road, to a road near two are respectively arranged on the ramp. At present, three road on the north side of maple and full of a road and two ramps opened on the south side of the two ramp is impassable. Dongfeng Road ground lane is being repaired, will be part of traffic control, is expected to open to traffic by the end of. Link > > > fast – smooth Avenue corridor connecting Zhuankou and Hannan opened yesterday, the fast channel connecting Zhuankou and Hannan – Avenue officially opened smoothly. Smooth Avenue North three road of maple and Zhushan Hubei Road intersection, across the South Zhushan lake, along the slope, Baizi Shandong side Long Ling south, across the river, the river through the Sichuan pool, connecting road, and cross the Beijing Zhuhai high speed, long road connecting by Tan Road, along the original S103 in the province to the bridge, along the banks of the river Ma Ying to Xingcheng Avenue, ending in seven Hing Road and Xingcheng road intersection. Smooth road length of 13.9 km, two-way six lane, part of the middle of the road for tram channel. In the past, from Hannan to Zhuankou, only one Han Hong high-speed expressway. The road was completed after the opening, from the Hannan District in the Development Zone, Zhushan Lake Road and Dongfeng Road only half an hour, up to Zhuankou and Hanyang city hannan. This road is also connected to the Wuhan Development Zone advanced manufacturing vehicles相关的主题文章: