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Wuzhen IOT legend: why Internet technology in Wuzhen? Sohu Chinese Technology Youth Network November 16 Wuzhen Xinhua (reporter Lu Guanqiong Wu Chu) "collection of 1 generation UAV, unmanned aerial vehicles, VR glasses through reality, deaf translation gloves," transparent "road information sharing, robot parking, holographic projection…… On the afternoon of November 15th, 310 Chinese and foreign Internet companies in the black technology in the light of the internet collective debut, attracting exhibitors competing experience. As one of the three sections of the world Internet Conference in Wuzhen, the light of the Internet Expo gathered a large number of major achievements in the future leading global Internet technology innovation. On the afternoon of November 15th, the third world Internet Conference "the light of the Internet" was opened at the Wuzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhejiang. Chinese youth reporter Zhang Yanliang photo General Secretary Xi Jinping to attend the second session of the World Conference of the Internet had pointed out, the first Internet Conference held to promote the rapid development of Internet, network and guest hospital, wisdom tourism, let the Millennium town brought out a new charm. He said, Wuzhen network, intelligent, is the traditional and modern fusion of Humanities and science, a vivid portrayal of the development of China is a microcosm of the innovation and development of the Internet, but also a vivid manifestation of the development of the concept of global Internet sharing. Why the Internet technology in Wuzhen see only a small part, remarkable?. On the eve of the third session of the World Youth Internet Conference, Chinese network reporter visited China hospital — Wuzhen’s first Internet Internet hospital, feel the Internet "Kejizhiguang" into reality, innovation driven for the benefit of mankind across the legend, and found the answer. Thousands of years of accumulation and seize the opportunity of policy network in Xinjiang region favored jingdanban Road Town, white walls and black tiles, wooden pillars. Through the Wuzhen bridge, the reporter arrived at the foot of the town center of Hongqiao Road 23, walked into the home since the beginning of the high-profile Internet hospital. And in the past year, how to build the Wuzhen online hospital overcrowding and traditional hospital scene? Different hospitals in Wuzhen Internet, the reporter did not see how many patients, but the hospital is only a dozen doctors. However, in the real-time update of the digital display, the reporter saw that since January 1st this year, Wuzhen Internet hospital has accumulated 360 million passengers. On November 15th day, the hospital reached more than 5 thousand days of interrogation, the amount of more than 31 thousand, more than two times the amount of outpatient hospital. How did they do that in November 15th, the Wuzhen Internet hospital real-time updates of the outpatient data wall. China youth network reporter Lu Guanqiong photo through the interview, the reporter learned that, originally, all doctors and patients of the hospital, the mobile terminal on the Internet — in almost all other entities in the home, in the hospital, each one can connect to the Internet. Founded in December 2015, Wuzhen Internet hospital in Wuzhen as the center, through the Internet has been connected to the National more than 2 thousand and 400 key hospitals, 260 thousand doctors, 7200 team of experts to provide precise appointment, for the majority of patients.相关的主题文章: