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Xi Jinping in Bangladesh media published a signed article – Beijing Xi Jinping in Bangladesh media published a signed article Xinhua Beijing on 14 October, October 14th, during his state visit to People’s Republic of Bangladesh, President Xi Jinping in Bangladesh, "Daily Star" and "Dawn newspaper" published an article entitled "let the Meng harvest golden fruit signed" cooperation this article. The article is as follows: let Meng cooperation People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping golden fruit harvest autumn rice fragrance. I shall, at the invitation of President Hamid, pay a state visit to the beautiful state of bangladesh. This is my first visit in 6 years. I look forward to working with new and old friends for mutual friendship and common development, and draw up a blueprint for cooperation. Bangladesh is a piece of magnificent land. Here, the Padma River, Jamuna Meghna River, three rivers flow into the sea, thousands of miles Woye at Xinjiang, such as green jade on weekdays, harvest a golden dress. Richly endowed by nature natural conditions, raising the industrious and talented people, gave birth to the splendid culture, the famous writer Tagore famous Bengali works. Bangladesh is a land full of hope. Here, after the independence of Bangladesh start empty-handed, hard work, success in solving the livelihood problem of a population of 160 million, has made important contributions to world poverty reduction. In recent years, Bangladesh seize the opportunity of economic globalization, the focus of reform and development, economic growth remained above 6%, the progress of industrialization and urbanization of the city, is moving into the middle-income countries "vision 2021" forward. The relationship between the two countries since ancient times is the people’s good neighbors, good friends, south of the ancient Silk Road, the Silk Road on the sea become a bridge both sides know each intersection, leaving many thousands of years now. China monk FA Xian, Xuan Zang pilgrimage to the West Bengal, monk atisha went to China to preach, set the precedent for the cultural exchanges between the two sides. The Ming Dynasty navigator Zheng He twice visited Bengal, described here "good folk Chun, things people rang thick, Tian wo abundance". The king gave Chinese Ming Dynasty emperor giraffe to become a China "kylin" ruishou. In modern times, the two countries people have suffered from war and poor countries suffer, and make unremitting efforts for national independence and liberation and promote national development and progress, to forge a strong friendship and trust. In 50s and 60s, Premier Zhou Enlai visited Dhaka two times, the father of Bangladesh mujibu Rachman’s two visit to China?. Long before the establishment of diplomatic relations, the older generation of leaders of the two countries for the two peoples planted a friendship tree. Now this tree is thick with leaves and deep-rooted fruits. Chinese people say, "only the heart intersect, can be a long time". Over the past 41 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China has always regarded Bangladesh as a sincere friend and a partner for development, and attaches great importance to the development of bilateral relations. Zhong Meng Ren leaders to maintain good interaction in bilateral and multilateral occasions, and actively lead the development of bilateral relations. Last September, I held a friendly meeting with Premier Hasina during the 70 anniversary of the founding of the United Nations in New York!相关的主题文章: