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Xiamen Kinmen route some flights resumed on October 1st to resume service – Beijing will be opened on 29 September, Xinhua news agency, Xiamen (reporter Shang Hao Fu Min) reporter learned from the Xiamen Tongyi inspection station, by the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish", has been across the board suspended the two day Xiamen – Jinmen route in 29, some flights resumed. 29, Xiamen jinmenroute sent a total of 11 flights, outbound flights inbound flights 10 flights, passengers nearly 4000 people. 30, Xiamen jinmenroute will send outbound flights 10 flights, 10 flights inbound flights. According to the Xiamen Tongyi inspection station, from October 1st onwards, the Xiamen Kinmen route will be opened again, every day to send outbound flights, flight 18 inbound flights 18 flights, and winter flight time. Among them, five dock from Xiamen and Kinmen head hair first time code ship is 8, the last time is 17:30. Since this year the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" caused by the Xiamen jinmenroute dunchuan wharf damaged, Xiamen Kinmen route from the 17 th of this month, will be a day after immigration flight 18 flights down to immigration flight 10 flights. This year the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" effect, the route from 27 onwards across the board suspended.相关的主题文章: