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Xi’an police cracked the case of personal information seized hundreds of billions of times the original title: Xi’an police cracked the case of infringement of personal information seized hundreds of millions of times the information for the seized information. Xi’an police seized Tutu pagoda for information. Xi’an Yanta police map Beijing November 9 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter A Linna) Xi’an Yanta police disclosure 9, Yanta police cracked a large personal information of violations of civil cases, seized illegal access to personal information of citizens sold hundreds of millions of times, a total of 40G electronic data. Arrested 10 suspects, involving more than 3 yuan. Currently there are more than 80 clues for deep excavation. During the September 2016, Yanta branch of Economic Investigation Brigade in the investigation of a contract fraud case, involving housing intermediary companies to carry out reconnaissance process, found that the company has a large amount of information stored in the computer office around the residential owners. The police immediately to the store three staff were asked to identify three people in Wang, many residential property owners to get around the information illegally, to the owners call the telephone, illegal facts looking for housing to obtain the intermediary activities of intermediary costs. With this information, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to, and immediately instructed the Council of Economic Investigation Detachment, Yanta branch dispatched elite police force, the establishment of "9.12 personal information infringement cases" task force cracked the case. The investigation found that the suspect Wang master of personal information from a real estate manager Lee, Lee to obtain personal information from citizens will be provided to the employees of the company, Liu Zhao for your business. The next day, Lee court. According to Lee’s inquiry, the panel found that Lee has a perennial sale or exchange of personal information of citizens for the line to a. According to Lee said, the amount of personal information of citizens to master the alarming, almost covers the majority of owners of residential personal information. Task Force leaders attach great importance to the night held a seminar on the case. After analyzing the existing electronic data, and Lee provided clues to a part of a project team, carefully, in the early morning of 14 to determine the information to a certain identity. Figure for the suspect to identify the items involved in the case. Xi’an Yanta police for Tutu as the suspect to identify the items involved in the case. Xi’an Yanta police map of September 14th, the group will be to capture, the office and residence investigation, found a notebook computer 40G storage of personal information data. According to this clue, the PUC, branch of the assistance of relevant departments, the sale of personal information of citizens has arrested the suspect Kwak, Zhang, Chen, Zhang, Hou, i. And found 2 involving Real Estate Company, 1 media companies, bank lending channels, more than 10 real estate intermediary companies, more than 20 decoration companies have violated the personal information of citizens of major criminal suspects. It has seized 40G involved in electronic data, including millions of pieces of information, including Xi’an high-end brand vehicle sales information, Xi’an City, more than a thousand million of corporate information, Xi’an city in a high-end shopping malls VIP hundreds of pieces of information and the territory of Shaanxi Province, more than a thousand residential owners of personal information. The Kai相关的主题文章: