Yandex’s data center for Finland urban heating

Yandex’s data center for Finland urban heating
Recently, Russian Internet giant yandex company has a data center in Finland deployed waste heat recovery device, it will use big data processing site of the waste heat exhausted and provide hot water for the local mantsala town.
Yandex company deployed heat recovery system and by the Finnish energy company Texas Department of the company will be the hot air pipeline from the data center access to the town of mantsala existing heating system, according to company yandex, the hot water can reduce 5% 2 00000 residents of heating costs.
A win-win situation
“This is the best of a win-win situation.” The data center manager Aliko Willy said, “Yandex said the project will reduce fossil energy use and emissions, reduce natural gas consumption in half, and 40% of carbon dioxide emissions.”
Data center hot air output can be heated water to 30 degrees C~45 degrees C, and the temperature was increased to 55 degrees to 60 degrees C, if the heating area is not good enough, is using heat pump heat recovery center to adjust.
The data center will be used for Russian Yandex in the European project data factory, Yandex, machine learning and big data division was established in 2014, headquartered in Amsterdam. Yandex company to establish data factory’s aim is to help companies to use their data, and improve their business ability.
“Yandex company data factory spirit is to improve the recognition efficiency.” Yandex company data factory CEO Zavala Sri said, “the future success of the business depends on the development of the intelligent data itself need to increase reliance on data center.”
In accordance with thermodynamic aerodynamics
Outdoor air cooling by the data center, the whole building is shaped like an aircraft wing, the flow of air through directly provide cooling equipment, cooling equipment to save power.
The data center has currently in the first stage, there will be three stages of the project. When all the data center after the completion of the project, the city area heating system it is possible to stop the use of natural gas, while using only the data center of the heat.

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