Yoyo Mung is married to Ekin Cheng, two people do not intend to have children with only one sentence hamimelon

Yoyo Mung is married to Ekin Cheng, two people do not intend to have children because of a friend saying Yoyo Mung married according to media reports only a word, artist Yoyo Mung accept hosted by Li Yanshan cable access program. Yoyo Mung said with his mother when he was divorced, it was brought up by my grandmother, she was not believe in marriage, and said thanks friend when awake, decided to marry Ekin Cheng, she said: "a friend asked me how not to get married, if one of the parties have, we even close, law can not make any important decisions for each other, I listened to feel right." Talk about Yoyo Mung before the children because of body round and pregnancy rumors, she said two couples don’t intend to have children, they also yearn for freedom: "my mother is capricious, I saw her mother-in-law always have to worry that raising children is a lifetime responsibility. If a friend like my mom is not very miserable? I love two personal freedom." Birthday by bus to avoid the media however was "face two-ki" event, Yi Jian birthday every year have become the media focus, so Yi Jian has been used to stay at home to celebrate, to avoid the reporter interrupted. Mr Meng Jiahui said with a smile can not be reconciled, and talked about a meeting with Yi Jian bus: "I have decided to go down with Yi Jian by the back door, take the bus to go to a restaurant to celebrate, successfully avoiding the reporter, the original Yi Jian 18 years did not ride the bus!"

蒙嘉慧仅凭一句话嫁给郑伊健 两人不打算要孩子蒙嘉慧因朋友一句话结婚据媒体报道,艺人蒙嘉慧接受由黎燕珊主持的有线节目访问。蒙嘉慧透露母亲怀着自己时便已离婚,故自小由外婆带大,令她自幼便不相信婚姻,并称全靠朋友出言点醒,才决定与郑伊健结婚,她说:“有个朋友问我怎么还不结婚,如果其中一方有事,我们即使再亲密,法律上都不可以为对方做任何重要决定,我听完又觉得讲得对。”讲好不生孩子谈到蒙嘉慧日前因身形圆润而盛传怀孕,她表示夫妻二人其实没有打算生孩子,自己亦向往自由:“我妈妈比较任性,我看到婆婆成日要担心,就明白养儿女是一世的责任。如果生了个小朋友像我妈妈那样不是很惨?我喜欢两个人自由自在的。”庆生坐巴士避传媒然而因当年“夺面双琪”事件,伊健每年生日均成为传媒焦点,故伊健已习惯留家庆祝,以避开记者追访。蒙嘉慧对此笑言不甘心,并谈及有次与伊健坐巴士低调出门:“有年我决定同伊健由后门出去,搭巴士去吃饭庆祝,成功避开记者,原来伊健十八年没搭过巴士!”相关的主题文章: