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Yu Xu’s parents rushed to the crash site to burn the daughter’s favorite doll figure for the pilot Yu Xu cover news reporter Diao Mingkang Tianjin, Hebei reported that if Tangshan is not the accident, Yu Xu’s parents, may not be in this life on the Hebei Tangshan Yutian County Chen Jia Pu Xiang this land. This is a sad and dreary visit, Lu yao. Not deliberately prepared ceremony, did not even have time to buy her a bunch of flowers, only a heavy suitcase and filled with pain, more than more than the father mother came to send her daughter finally. A few pieces of wax, incense, burning life desolation…… This is November 14th, the first female fighter pilots China f -10 Yu Xu died third days after the morning. Hebei Tangshan · crash scene rushed to send her daughter a 8 in the morning, Tianjin, Wuqing. You never see the sun rises in the morning mist, the wind shook the leaf, the bus pulled into relatives staying in hotels. With the arrival of the father and mother, and more than xu. It was their first time in two days. Compared to just got news of grief, over the past two days, the two old people look slightly ease. But red eyes and tired face can still be seen, they do not have a good rest. These two days, the army had to give more than my father and mother arranged accommodation, but the two insisted on sleeping her daughter’s bed, to stay in the place where the child to stay a little longer. 30 years of laughter, 30 years past and family house daughter leave the goods, let two people died at night. "Hello, I on behalf of the people of Chongzhou city in 670 thousand to accompany you to bid farewell to a hero." From the Sichuan Chengdu team came to the Chongzhou municipal government led Yu Xu to his mother’s outstretched hand, the sad old man just gently back saying "Hello, thank you," the eyes tear up. The bus luggage rack and did not put more things, because in a hurry, two old people did not even bring a few clothes. At the crash site in Tangshan, Yutian, they dragged a box. Inside the box, her daughter’s clothes and dolls. Yu Xu, parents come to see you from Tianjin to Hebei, Yutian,, hundreds of kilometers away, because of traffic jam, a full 2.5 hours walk. These days, if two old body grief too much, the army dedicated staff accompany all day long. Go to the crash site, the army also took nursing staff. However, the grief of losing her daughter, let two people unspeakable, along the way, they almost did not speak, only occasionally looked up, had to look at the window outside the bleak winter landscape. Inside, a piece of sorrow. At 11:30 or so, with the parents and families of the parents, troops, the Chongzhou municipal government related personnel vehicles, and finally arrived in the town of Tangshan, Yutian Chen Chen shop. This is a piece of land, the surrounding houses scattered stands. The fields scattered after harvest the rest of the corn stalk, bald poplar in the north wind blows softly sobbing, only a few unknown birds in search of a few food. The middle, impressively present with a length of twenty or thirty meters, a few meters deep pit. This is where Yu Xu’s fighter jet crashed after it crashed. After getting off, the military staff pointed to the pit, Yu Xu parents briefly introduced the crash after. Two old people相关的主题文章: