Yunnan, a villager was killed in a car accident brain death organ donation so that 4 people reborn

Yunnan a car accident rescue villagers brain death donations to let 4 people reborn – Beijing farmers in Luquan to save a car accident on his way to brain death, organ donation for 4 people, two people see again reborn. The donor Li Wenyi’s son Li Jinping said, my father is when people die, can save more people will be his wish, his heart was still beating — his eyes still see the beautiful world October 6th morning, Luquan sayingpan 45 year old farmer Li Wenyi ride home, on the way encountered a traffic accident of the villagers, and the villagers Li Wenyi get off with the rescue, but on his return to the car to take toilet paper, unexpected trouble knocked Li Wenyi injured in a coma. In October 18th, when he learned that his father’s illness can not be reversed, a soldier Li Wenyi’s son Li Jinping decided to do the work for the family, the father of all donated organs can be used, including a heart, a liver, two kidneys and two corneas, let four people to life, let two people see the light. To save the villagers was hit by a car into more than 11 injured the night of October 6th, who lives in Luquan and five groups of camp Li Wenyi riding with friends and Zhang Yucong’s car home from Wuding. The car line to sayingpan Paul road when driving Zhang Yucong suddenly slowed down, "what happened?" Asked Li Wenyi, who sat behind the driver’s seat. There was an accident in front of us, a man lying on the ground did not move, a man climbed to us for help." Replied the driver, Zhang Yucong. "Stop to see what is going on, it must be a fellow." Li Wenyi shouted at the same time, Zhang Yucong stopped the car and said: "you go down and see how, in front of a landslide mound Road, go through, I put the car parked on the roadside." Li Wenyi and the same car, then ran off the car Sun Rulian. See someone over, the man lying on the ground began to shout: "please help us, help us 120, my cousin fainted." This time, Zhang Yucong has pull over the car to drive over, immediately took out mobile phone dialed 120. "No, uncle sun, you look at this man’s face is full of blood, there is a big hole in the non-stop flow of blood, you look at, I get on the bus to get the toilet paper to help him block the wound!" Li Wenyi said. Sitting in the car passenger Zhang Jiancong Li Wenyi returned to the car, and asked him what to do, Li Wenyi said: "I find the paper is blood in front of the face, or find some paper towels." At this moment, a beam of light shot over, then "bang" sound, the car was a large truck hit the place changed 180 degrees. Zhang Yucong and Sun Rulian by the sudden loud noise and strong light confused, repeatedly call: "Zhang Jiancong, Zhang Jiancong, Zhang Jiancong……" Zhang Jiancong slowly opened the door, shook the ground, the car has run back to the side of the Zhang Yucong and quickly helped him in the back of the car, and then the car, the driver of the car. "What about Li Wenyi?" "Still in the car." Zhang Yucong and Sun Rulian helped Zhang Jiancong to the side, open the door, I saw Li Wenyi’s head stuck in the middle of the front seat, who has been in a coma for the past, how any two people shouted, Li Wenyi did not respond. Along with the month相关的主题文章: