Yunnan tour guides do not abuse the shopping dog dog day rogue brigade hair committee to carry out

Yunnan shopping tour abusive tourists "damn rogue Tourism Commission investigation zhongxinwangzhongxinwang – in October 7 Kunming Xinhua (Long Wenchi) National Day golden week many people choose to travel, enjoy the last holiday before the spring festival. The discordant note in recent years, frequent burst of tour guide tourists to buy goods, and even forced insults and threats of tourists broke again in Yunnan. 7, at 0:00 on the spot, there are users released micro-blog Yunnan Kang Hui travel agency tour guide on the bus reprimanded tourists do not shop video". Video display, the tour guide said "A Wei", not shopping the behavior of tourists is very unhappy, "saying" frequent, even said he was studying law, there are many ways to deal with tourists. The video is 5 minutes long, night or day were taken in different periods of time, the tour guide on the bus will not be described as shopping tourists to Yunnan Pianchipianhe tourism fraud, also said not shopping tourists away Yunnan people’s lives only a little hope, and even scold tourists are "six dogs on the rogue". For this event, deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Development Commission, said Duan Xuegang, deputy director of the news center, Yunnan is severely punish such cases, users are reflected in the relevant departments of the video is organizing an investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: