Yunyang, Fengjie, Shizhu, chengkou… Today the collective snowjodie foster

Yunyang, Fengjie, Shizhu, chengkou… Today the collective snow if October 28th snow is falling in Chengkou "warm up", then, November 8th morning, Chongqing and more floating under the snow, has officially declared the arrival of winter, the snow season. Monitoring from local meteorological departments, on the first day after the beginning of winter, Chongqing, Yunyang, Fengjie City, stone and other places, collective snow, heavy snow depths has reached more than 10 cm, to see the snow people can comfortably play snow fight. 18 at 3 pm, Fengjie town is booming with snow, just a few hours, the town is booming as snow, snow in the depths of up to 12 cm. At the same time, located in Yunyang County on the BA Xiang Gong Dang area began to snow, snow in the morning has been presented in the snow. The first winter snow this year than in previous years earlier, many users upload pictures, said: "the concept of the leaves, enjoy the mountain scenery, the recent cold very happy!" Fengjie, Shizhu and Yunyang, Chengkou people happily welcomed the recent half a month since the second snow. The evening of November 7th, Chengkou County in high altitude region in winter of the day falling snow. More collective snow, city meteorological experts said the snow area is high altitude mountain, and the temperature in the early hours of November 8th and dropped to lows, with the air humidity, resulting in snow falling. It is estimated that in the evening of November 8th, moderate rain to heavy rain in the central region of Chongqing, local heavy rain, the rest of the region light rain to moderate rain, altitude of more than 1200 meters of alpine areas will drift light snow or sleet. Large areas of temperature 7 to 13 DEG C, Chengkou and southeastern regions of 5 to 12 DEG C; relative humidity 80% ~ 100%. If this during the working day floating under the snow let you regret, don’t worry, there are opportunities. The meteorological department said, over the years in late December and early January, it is the best time to shangxue Chongqing high elevation area. Meteorological experts said, when the Jinyun Mountain, Jinfo Mountain, fairy hill, surrounded by mountains and Shizhu Huangshui scenic area, there may be many large area snowfall, snow into the season, you may wish to find a time on weekends, enjoy yourself. A little more "in recent 5 years, the first snow in Chongqing: the first snow of 2012, November 23rd, Chongqing Hongchi Chengkou county Huang dam scenic area and Kaixian Xuebaoshan area, Wuxi County dam area in different degree with. The first snow of 2013, November 24th, Jinfo Mountain scenic spot, Wuxi Nanchuan Hongchiba scenic and Chengkou Huang dam scenic learned at the same time the three year the first snow falling. The first snow of 2014, October 28th, Chengkou county Huang dam area. The first snow of 2015, the morning of October 27th, Chengkou county Huang dam area. The first snow of 2016, October 28th, Chengkou county Huang dam area. Large Yu newspaper table: pillars of snow, beautiful greasy (Figure) Fengjie Feng Ping snow (map), Fengjie prosperous town snow (map)

石柱、云阳、奉节、城口…今天集体飘雪了 如果说10月28日城口飘下小雪算是“热身”,那么,11月8日凌晨,重庆多地飘下的瑞雪,已经正式宣告起,今冬雪季的到来。来自各地气象部门的监测,立冬后的首日,重庆石柱、云阳、奉节、城口等地,集体降雪,厚厚的积雪最深处已达10厘米以上,前去赏雪的市民完全可以舒舒服服地打一场雪仗。18日凌晨3点,奉节兴隆镇飘下大雪,短短几小时内,已将兴隆镇装扮成银装素裹的世界,积雪最深处,达到12厘米。同样在这一时段,位于云阳县上坝乡的锣鼓宕景区开始下雪,清晨已呈现出银装素裹的雪景。当地今年入冬以来第一场雪比往年来得更早了一些,不少网友上传图片,表示:“观满山红叶,赏雪山美景,最近冷得挺幸福!”相对奉节、石柱和云阳,城口人民则幸福地迎来了最近半个月以来的第二场雪。11月7日晚,城口县城的高海拔地区在立冬当日便飘下瑞雪。多地集体飘雪,市气象台专家表示,飘雪地区均为高海拔山区,且气温在11月8日凌晨前后跌至低点,加之空气湿度的配合,导致瑞雪飘落。预计11月8日夜间,重庆中部地区中雨到大雨,局地暴雨,其余地区小雨到中雨,海拔高于1200米的高山地区还会飘下小雪或雨夹雪。大部地区气温7~13℃,城口及东南部地区5~12℃;相对湿度80%~100%。如果这场在工作日期间飘下的瑞雪让你遗憾,别郁闷,还有机会。气象部门表示,历年的12月下旬—1月上旬,才是重庆高海拔景区最佳的赏雪时间。气象专家表示,届时缙云山、金佛山、仙女山、四面山和石柱黄水风景区,都有可能出现多场大面积降雪,进入赏雪季后,大家不妨在周末找个时间,玩个尽兴。新闻多一点》最近5年,重庆的第一场雪:2012年第一场雪,11月23日,重庆城口县黄安坝景区、开县雪宝山景区、巫溪县红池坝景区不同程度飘。2013年第一场雪,11月24日,南川金佛山景区、巫溪红池坝景区和城口黄安坝景区了解到,三地同时飘落当年第一场瑞雪。2014年第一场雪,10月28日,城口县黄安坝景区。2015年第一场雪,10月27日清晨,城口县黄安坝景区。2016年第一场雪,10月28日,城口县黄安坝景区。大渝报料台: 石柱雪景 美腻(图)奉节冯坪下雪(图)奉节兴隆镇下雪(图)相关的主题文章: