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Zhang Yuqi is not good when the stepmother, these circle predecessors experience can learn to know Miss eight, I understand is the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information! Last month Zhang Yuqi flash marriage news shocked so many friends, marriage is a blessed thing, but Zhang Yuqi’s subsequent flash marriage but some people have a headache. The first is the background of Yuan Bayuan husband of doubt, said pseudo rich, said poor character; followed by netizens Bachu Yuan Bayuan married once and had a female these rumors really let Zhang Yuqi somewhat passive, but Zhang Yuqi is actually very readily responded, Mr. Yuan admitted: no marriage education there is a woman, it is up to us to raise children, is the world’s most beautiful, the most precious gift of marriage is my harvest. And generous drying out photos, photos of 2 year old stepdaughter kissing stepmother Zhang Yuqi, a family of three looks quite intimate Zhang Yuqi magnanimous and let things temporarily subsided, but half a month later, a suspected Yuan Bayuan’s ex-wife Ge Xiaobao Q dressing is in micro-blog shelling Zhang Yuqi: self deception, don’t take me children show her friends reply in the comments, in order to children of the tone and the former girlfriend of Wang Feng Ge Xiaobao, Ge Hui Jie was as like as two peas Q sauce is micro-blog certified model Ge Xiaoqian, before the incident had flash marriage was Bachu friends over to Zhang Yuqi flash marriage when she did not make any response, and delete all the daughters of micro-blog related photos. But this time she has responded that it was in order to protect the child she also explained, and Yuan Bayuan had married him in the start-up period, almost naked marriage in single combat and Ge Huijie, Ge Xiaoqian a bestie group also came out to support her, they said the shelling Zhang Yuqi is a show time is said to the child to sound the custody, according to this trend, the stepmother Zhang Yuqi is really not good when ah, absolutely not casually in the two photos can be solved, they might easily be mistaken for speculation. The attitude may not be important, but to get the child’s approval, the problem must be solved is the stepmother of Zhang Yuqi. How to say when the stepmother of entertainment, but there are a lot of advanced experience for Zhang Yuqi learning. One of the most successful examples is Brigitte Lin. When Brigitte Lin married businessman Li Yuan punishment, he and his ex-wife Zhang Tian’ai fathered a daughter. In the beginning Brigitte Lin suffered a lot from the child’s eyes and cold, but she is the stepdaughter of their own, with patience and love, the stepdaughter more care, every night before she falls asleep, finally changed her attitude. After growing up, Brigitte Lin tried to help the stepdaughter career, early childhood education center platform uses his celebrity status to help her. Even Li Yuan’s ex-wife, Zhang Tianai, publicly praised her as a good mother: "she was really good," she said. "She didn’t have a baby. She had to take care of my daughter, and my daughter started to bully her," said, a former wife of the late. She will contain her, take care of her, let the children give up the depressed heart." This of course Brigitte Lin won the stepdaughter recognition, 2011 Brigitte Lin published a new book "in and out of the window", Xing Jiaqian wrote the preface for her stepdaughter, the whole "mother" call. Compared to Brigitte Lin, Zhang Ziyi’s stepmother road is more rugged, in addition to the open woman]相关的主题文章: