Zhejiang, an official to go to the countryside when the disaster relief is not willing to step on th xhero

Zhejiang officials to guide disaster relief work and refuses to step on the mud was removed from the Zhejiang Taishun Bureau of education officials for disaster relief support as "were removed from the Zhejiang Education Bureau of Taishun County Department of finance chief Moumou package today is" Red Net ", the Internet everywhere forwarded a Zhang about his photos. "Trouble" is a picture of such a picture: two people wearing a white shirt with a man wearing a plaid shirt walking around the mud and water. There was a man in a light colored T-shirt on his side, with a red package in his hands, towards them. On the left side of the picture, there is another man in a white shirt. In addition to plaid shirt, the remaining three individuals wearing wellies. Many netizens questioned, the situation is so serious, but also put on airs?! But there are also people who take pictures for his innocence, the parties stand out to apologize, he said that he and his colleagues together to deal with insurance claims affairs, place in the three Kui Zhen Xue Zhai Cun, "I was filming this to the mutual assistance between the people before the disaster, did not think it completely changed the taste, this is being over interpretation." The latest news: Taishun County Bureau of education official micro-blog "Taishun education" in September 16th 3 pm news release, "in the insurance Department of finance chief of staff to the countryside to guide disaster relief way of being in the presence of a thing to help" the Bureau responded, decided to remove the package ordered the Weixian County Bureau of education finance chief duties. On this decision, someone officials responded: I feel very wronged, but can only accept.相关的主题文章: