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Zhengzhou merchants sell high health care products – live chicken dead Beijing – reporter Han Jingwei Ventura. One of core prompt businesses to form a health lecture, health care propaganda called krill oil, known as "dredging blood vessels, cure cerebral infarction, three treatment". In order to prove the effect of the health care products, the businessman killed two chickens, two dove. The old man said: "no food health care products, dove chicken died on the spot, eat quickly stand up." Let the elderly to buy activities of krill oil consumption, and said "not only return the money back to the expiration of publicity expenses". Hundreds of elderly people were puzzled by the scene, to buy 3980 yuan to several million yuan of health care products. In September 13th, the reporter interviewed found in Zhengzhou port building, a number of health care products sales businesses settled here, despite the old man cheated because of regret, but every day there are crowds of the old man was lured to lecture to buy gifts, health care products. The Administration warned: krill oil is approved by the Planning Commission in 2013 of the new food raw materials, can be used in food in general, not a substitute for drugs, more treatment, not disease prevention publicity effect. The event, said the lecture send moon cake, finally sent a man to invite businessmen Hanging noodles health talks, took the opportunity to sell high health care products "to send a good cake, all the way to be fooled, give a Hanging noodles." 10 in the morning, is located in Zhengzhou City, the Hong Kong Ming Gong Road in front of the building, a man just out of the mall, holding a handful of complaints Hanging noodles. The old man told reporters that they should be a health care products business invitation to listen to health lectures, free medical examination, said to send moon cake, send gifts, but the end of the lecture, everyone is giving a wisp of Hanging noodles, is to deceive people to buy health care products. He was fooled to buy 4000 yuan of health care products. While the other is denied to be cheated, saying they are regular products, health care products as long as 600 yuan a bottle, they also reluctant to sell you. The scene immediately retorted the old man: "you this old man brainwashed. Thousands of dollars of health products, businesses to the old man discount to 600 yuan." The reporter learned from the elderly population, there are a number of selling health products business in the building, these businesses will send text messages to the elderly, with gifts, medical and other forms, invited to listen to the elderly health talks, took the opportunity to sell high health care products. The old man told reporters that her husband due to cerebral infarction unresponsive, action inconvenience, slurred speech, is two level of disability, family poverty, but was suddenly bought 7960 yuan of health care products. Now regret is dead, she hope that businesses can give them a refund. The scene, director of chicken and Dove "rebirth", that health care has hundreds of elderly people listen to "experts" say krill oil supplements to the benefits of a man surnamed Li told reporters that her husband in August 23rd this year, received a certain newspaper claiming to be sent to the message, said a health lecture Yugang Building Room 302, then not only free medical examination, there will be a gift. Idle, the old man decided to listen to. In the lecture scene, saw hundreds of elderly people to listen to "experts" say the benefits of krill oil supplements. Experts say: "Why are so many people sick now? Mainly pollution, blood is not good. Free radicals are the sins of human disease and aging.相关的主题文章: