Zhengzhou zoo to introduce new species big to subvert your imagination (video) synnex

The introduction of new species "Zhengzhou zoo" to subvert your imagination – reporter Liu Yaowen Ping Wei photography Washington Zoo in Zhengzhou city recently introduced the "big and small" new friends: "small" is a buckler kangaroo to subvert your imagination "(right), there is a" big "name, body length only 50 cm; the" big "is toucans, a small body has a mouth particularly large, and it is said that this mouth will always grow up…… Yesterday, reporters at the Zhengzhou city zoo to see the introduction of the new and the red kangaroo kangaroo Toucan, and buckler kangaroo each 10, concave mouth toucans and Ramphastos tucanus each 9. From Australia "buckler kangaroo" is probably the world’s most worthy of the name of the animal, they hide in the far behind the glass, not carefully find really didn’t see. Not for a moment, a large "Vegetable Salad" "chowhound" nature sent up, was exposed, I saw the kangaroos first looked around, after determining there was no danger, bent over, with short forelimbs first, then slowly with the hind, a little move to food and a series of carefully "slow motion" to see people laughing. The side of the pneumatic tube department staff also smiled and explained: "the first time I buckler kangaroos in Zhengzhou, timid, is to adapt to the environment; their size is small, very flexible and lovely; to say love food, love carrots, vegetables; usually love in the evening activities." The next red kangaroo is twice as big as round kangaroo shape, with "red scarf" on the neck, the right forelimb lift love "attention", very adorable. While in the ecological forest birds, "" friends are also trying to toucans to adapt to a new environment. The red billed Toucan and concave billed Toucan, looks just like a lot of common. Home is the African rainforest are medium-sized climbing birds, love to eat fruits and seeds of plants, especially in the nuts for the love, also have been included in the "international trade in endangered species Convention" appendix II. Ramphastos tucanus small body is black, neck is white "Bib" collocation this classic color in fashion seems to be "small fragrant beauties". "Cool" birds, but the absolute protagonist mouth, dark red. It is said that such a big mouth has a special purpose – heat in high temperature environment. Toucans also eating out of the ordinary, is always the first to put food with sharp peck, then up the neck to throw food, then open mouth, accurately will swallow food. The breeder "Shu Li told reporters, is currently the toucan adaptation period to our weather in the north, before the 18 Toucan lives in Hangzhou. "Open the heating, the temperature is maintained at around 13 degrees Celsius, can not be too high, at least a week after the adaptation, you can open the skylight to let them go to the outdoor space." The breeder "Shu Li" back to the curious you buried a foreshadowing: it is said that these will Toucan beaks grow to witness it? Video: the man found the new species have unknown wrinkled valuable today: Zhengzhou clean exterior thermal workers because the elevator is not fixed today fell to the ground dead hot smell: buy accessories assembled firearms military rete mirabile illegal result was jailed for seven years to Luohe women’s shoe now bought a house open.相关的主题文章: