Zip car Shenzhen tide lane can dredge posts congestion – long Beijing-gamelink

"Zip car" Shenzhen tide lane can dredge posts: "congestion – long" Beijing Xinhua Shenzhen October 25 Xinhua: "automatic zipper car" Shenzhen posts, tide lane can dredge congestion queue? Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Fei Chen Yuxuan in October 24th, can be mechanized "throughput" road isolation belt "zip car" in Shenzhen post, China’s first expressway automatic tide lane was officially opened. The traffic congestion has become "urban diseases" of the moment, tide lane can dredge congestion queue? Is it possible to promote other roads in Shenzhen and other cities in the future? Automatic tide lane traffic capacity of more than 20% enabled reporters in the evening of 24 peak of the Shenzhen Buji Road, Wenjin North Road to see, with the "zipper" continuous "throughput" road water horse isolation belt, the water horse isolation belt was "S" shape shifting a lane. With the migration of water horse isolation zone, the direction of the city was reduced from 5 lanes to 4 lanes, the direction of the city to increase the corresponding lane of 1. "According to the Golden Gate Bridge tide Lane experience custom formed, variable operation speed of tide lane" zipper car ‘5 – 10 km / hour, can be adjusted as’ zip’, according to the water horse combination traffic "throughput" at any time specially designed for tidal lane, lane width dynamic adjustment." Liu Xiaoding, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Police Bureau, said, zipper car less than 20 minutes to complete the operation, does not affect other vehicles. Why set tidal Lane in Buji Road, Wenjin North Road? In this regard, Shenzhen traffic police department said, after investigation and analysis, found that the traffic has obvious tidal phenomenon often in Shenzhen Buji Road, Wenjin road congestion during the morning and evening peak. Since October last year, the traffic police department in the region for a period of 5 weeks of testing. The test results show that enabled tide lane, Buji Road, North Wenjin Road, evening peak northbound delay index fell 25%, the end of the evening peak during the test in advance for nearly 1 hours, and the main road area near the double direction association capacity significantly improved, the original SAR traffic congestion were improved. From the morning of the 24 day of operation, heavy tidal Lane adds a lane, every hour can run more than 900 vehicles, traffic increased by more than 20%, the direction of traffic light does not reduce traffic through." Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau Department of transportation pipe chief Wang Le said, the evening peak tidal lane after dredging effect on heavy direction is obvious, but the direction of traffic light may cause some impairment, the future will continue to implement the tidal observation, or time to make fine-tuning lane. Decryption zipper car, special water horse tide lane into the 3 era, in fact, in Beijing, Nanjing, Changsha and other cities, tidal lanes are not new. However, in the zipper car, specially designed to join the water horse, Shenzhen tide began to enter the automation of the 3 era". The first generation is one-way traffic, directional left, such as in Shenzhen on the road to Xinzhou; the second generation is set in the road, two-way traffic, the basic needs of these two generations of manual operation." Shenzhen intelligent transportation industry to promote.相关的主题文章: