56The 2017 Mazda 6 price announced in September delivery|The 2017 Mazda 6 price announced in September delivery1

The 2017 Mazda 6 price announced in September delivery of Phoenix Automotive News as early as a few weeks ago, Mazda officially released the 2017 Mazda car models, compared to the current model many new configuration. Recently, Mazda officially announced the price of the new car information, and announced that the new car will be officially launched in September. The new Mazda 6 sports edition models will be subdivided into 6 speed manual and 6 speed automatic version of the model, two sub models were the standard Mazda Internet information and entertainment systems, using a torque vector control system (G-Vectoring Control system) of the new technology, the system can provide more assistance for turning vehicles, and in the corners to maintain vehicle traction, two segments of the vehicle are sold for $22780 (about 152 thousand yuan) and $23830 (about 159 thousand yuan), compared to cash models priced at a gain of $465 (about 3095 yuan) and $15 (about 100 yuan). The new Mazda 6 Travel Edition models will be the standard of city intelligent brake assist system, automatic headlights and windshield wiper and a series of advanced configuration, 6 speed manual version of the price is $26050 (about 173 thousand yuan), 6 speed automatic version of the price is $26080 (about 174 thousand yuan), compared to 16 your travel version for $1315 (about 8753 yuan) and $265 (about 1764 yuan). The new Mazda 6 Grand Travel Edition models, will increase the lane keeping assist system, traffic sign recognition system and display some safety driving assist system, the starting price of $31530 (about 210 thousand yuan), more than 16 corresponding models higher than $515 (about 3428 yuan). In addition 2017 Grand Travel Edition models will also provide a $2500 package, the package includes a regenerative braking system, heated seats, heated steering wheel, Nappa leather seats, the shift lever LED decorative lamp and a new upgrade of decorative fabrics and so on. More new car news, please pay attention to the follow-up reports phoenix.

13Don’t you cry until six special horror VR game|Don’t you cry until six special horror VR game8

The VR virtual reality game you cry until six special terror (VR) will be exciting, it is when you put on a helmet, immersed in the virtual world of feeling in the real world that no scene, especially when the experience of horror game, oppressive atmosphere, a strange scene, moments of terror and despair with hair standing on end of the background music, even to the stimulation of nerve endings in trembling, the following may wish to follow Xiaobian inventory below the six VR horror game, not for anything else, just to let you cry cry "". Ghost Theory ("ghost theory") first person adventure game "ghost" theories of many horror games, such as "Allison Road" ("Alison road") in Kickstarter launched to raise the public are tragically died, but the independent game "ghost theory" is an exception, in the congregation raised a big success, the game is expected to the market at the end of next year. "Ghost theory" is a first person adventure game, focusing on stealth and exploration, game player will play the role of university research project paranormal investigation team member Barbara, Barbara will be equipped with survey equipment like measuring device, camera and other tools, to the game world haunted places to uncover the truth behind the haunted, sometimes must avoid anger even more hands to eliminate ghost. The game is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2017, will support a variety of platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, and Xbox, and. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can also be compatible with this game. "Here They Lie" ("lie machine") psychological horror game "lies" machine "lie machine" by SONY interactive entertainment and independent game developer The Tangentlemen jointly developed a psychological horror game Diablo style. Game player will game player brought to a very scary world, with you there. You need to explore the nightmare of the city, living in the city of all kinds of strange, vicious creatures. In the face of these monsters, the only thing they can do is run away and try to survive. The tone of the game is a depressing black and white color, so any normal person is bound to feel uncomfortable in this world. Lie between fierce is a PSVR exclusive game, will be available in the fall of 2016. "The Hum:Abductions" ("ghost" ghost "interest: kidnapping) interest: kidnapping" against an alien invasion "ghost" interest: kidnapping is a studio by Totwise the development of a game against an alien invasion. "Ghost" in the kidnapping of interest: the protagonist named Holly Sanders, her husband a few months ago mysteriously disappeared, and now she and son of "Dan" to each other, and she, alone against the upcoming alien invasion, in the course of the game, you will expose the Sanders family of the past and present a series of events that eventually looking for.

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